Established in 1990, SA Leak Detection Distributors provides pipeline specialists with leak detection, utility location, pipe inspection and various other piping equipment.

Use the latest in digital leak detection or utility location to increase efficiency and minimize destruction of property, both in finding and repairing pipelines. Accurately reducing damage and increasing productivity every time. With a full range of leak detection equipment, utility location equipment, pipe inspection cameras, and related products we have the equipment you need to locate pipes and cables, and buried manhole covers and valves, and pinpoint the water leak position.

We also supply the world leading Nu Flow pipe relining technology for both potable and non-potable water.


CCTV Pipeline Inspection Cameras
CCTV Pipeline Inspection Crawlers
Accessories & Software

Correlation, Tracer Gas & Acoustic.
Thermal Imaging
Noise Loggers
Smoke Generators
Fluorescent Dye

Ground Penetrating Radar Scanners
Electromagnetic Pipe/Cable Locators
Sonde and Tracers
Air Excavation Units
Plastic or Metal Pipe Locators

Pipe Plugs
Pipe Sealing Bags
Bypass Bags
Leak Sealing Plugs
Chisel & Ejector Nozzles

Sewer Robotic Cutters
Chain Knockers & Cutters
Plus So Much More

High Pressure Jetting Units
Pipe & Boiler Tube Cleaner

Specialised Inspection Cameras for Live Line / High Pressure Leak Inspection

Pipe Flow And Pressure Logging

ManUp Key for Manhole Lids

Other Services


Repair & Maintain

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