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With a full range of leak detection equipment, utility location equipment, pipe inspection cameras, and related products we have the equipment you need to locate pipes and cables, find buried manhole covers and valves, and pinpoint the water leak position. We supply flow and pressure logging tools for water network management and specialized boiler cleaning equipment. We also licence the world leading Nu Flow pipe relining technologies for both potable and non-potable water.


Utility location

Safely locating buried or hidden utilities is not only wise but is now a legal requirement for construction or demolition projects. Our location products include:

Leak detection

In a water-scarce country it is vital that we prevent water wastage. We stock an array of different technologies to ensure accurate location of leaks in water pipes, sewers, and drains:


Pipe inspection

When pipes of any length are buried it is difficult to detect problems without internal inspection systems. We have inspection cameras for every thing from bulk water and gas supply lines down to 15mm pipes.

Flow and pressure

We supply the BM range of pressure and flow loggers for water network management.

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Pipe & Boiler cleaning

All the tools and supplies you need to clean and maintain industrial boilers.

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Single, multi-size test plugs and flow-thru plugs


Pipe relining

We are local agents for Nu Flow pipe relining systems for both potable and non-potable water.

  • Potable [Red] blow-in-place relining, and
  • Non-potable [Blue] cured-in-place structural epoxy lining.


We offer professional training on all our products with specialised courses in utility location and leak detection.

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