The Aquapea®



The Aquapea® is an innovative product, capable of repairing leaks from inside the pipe with zero excavations, whether the pipe is Polyethylene, Copper, Alkathene, Galvanized Steel or Lead.

The Aquapea® can be used in various pipe sizes from 15mm to 50mm.

The Aquapea® technology is WRAS Approved and has a Smart WaterMark approval for water efficiency, being one of only 300 products that has demonstrated real water savings.

The Aquapea® provides novel solutions to real-world problems and a groundbreaking alternative to traditional pipeline repairs. Cutting out disruption and time in unnecessary excavations in premises



The AQUAPEA is introduced into a water supply pipe at an external water metre chamber.


The AQUAPEA is drawn to the location of the leak by the flow of the escaping water.


The advanced polymer forms around the damaged area, sealing the leak.

The system uses an advanced polymer material the size of a pea, which is introduced into the water supply pipe at an external meter chamber and, with the internal stop tap turned off, the polymer is drawn to the location of the leak. The flow of water carries the Aquapea along the inside of the pipe, bonding to the pipe at the position of the leak and curing within 20 minutes.

The repair system is permanent and suitable for all common water pipe materials in homes and commercial buildings.

If no external meter chamber is in place, then an excavation at the customer’s boundary is required to install one, which allows us to deploy an AquaPea and avoid multiple excavations and customer disruption.

Different sized peas can be used depending on the size of the leak. This can be calculated by the water loss per minute and monitoring the water pressure.

Different setting times can be used for the polymer to allow longer supply pipes to be repaired.


Innovations company Qinov8 has partnered with SA Leak Detection Distributors.

Qinov8 is a water innovation company, which has developed ground breaking alternatives to traditional pipeline repairs. We develop all of our products at a purpose built test facility in North East England.

Their aim is to create no dig, trenchless technology to save on time, excavations, water loss and carbon foot print, which in return will produce significant cost savings, customer satisfaction and help reduce the current environmental impact.

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