Monitor water flow and pressure

Municipalities and bulk water suppliers need to be able to monitor water flow and pressure to  account for water usage or losses in their systems


Flow and pressure logging instruments

The BM ultrasonic transit time flow meters TTFM 100 NG (new generation) use a coupled pair of ultrasonic transducers to measure the flow rate of a fluid under pressure inside a pipe.

Main Features

  • Clamp-on sensors: it is not necessary to stop the flow to install them;
  • Wetted sensors.
  • AC and DC supply: 110-230VAC and 12-36VDC; battery supply, depending from the type of device. LLB- PTTFM2000-NG can be supplied by solar panel too.
  • The time difference during the measuring process could be 0.2 ns.
  • Analog (4-20 ma), pulses (relays), frequence (OCT) and RS485 MODBUS or RS232 outputs.
  • Serial communication interface RS485 MODBUS (model TTFM100-F1-NG & TTFM100-F18-NG).
  • Serial communication interface RS232 (Hand-held type TTFM100B-HH-NG).