LEAK DETECTION COMBO SPECIAL Thinking about expanding your plumbing business to include Leak Detection? Then we have the Combo Special for you. Increase your company revenue and immediately start to see the return on your investment. We also do offer a rent-to-own option on all equipment sold (Ts and Cs) apply.Read More →

  SA Leak Detection Distributors specialises in the construction of jetting trailers. Experience the satisfaction of owning your own custom-built trailer by reaching out to us today. Contact us now to get started on creating your personalised trailer. Download Brochure Below Jetting Trailer – 58LPMRead More →

MwStop® CHECK VALVE The intelligent backflow prevention device up to DN1800 The MwStop® check valve can be easily installed within a few minutes in practically all types of pipes. Immediate protection against flood, foreign substances, and annoying smells. The wide range of MwStop® check valves ensures the availability of a suitable model for any kind of application as back-flow protection in sewerage pipes, rainwater pipes, or the emerging odors out of miscellaneous wastewater systems. SCOPE OF APPLICATION • main sewer • sewers • rainwater pipes • clarifier basin There are numerous causes for back-flow. Heavy rainfall, pipe blockage, operational breakdown of the pumping station, water back-flowRead More →

CERTIFIED DRAIN SURVEYOR TRAINING MSCC5 Sewer Condition Classification Course We will be conducting the WRc Sewer Condition Classification Training Course in Johannesburg March 28th – 30th, 2023. We will deliver the sewer condition training in accordance with the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5 Edition (MSSC5). Who Should Attend Anyone that is involved in Pipeline infrastructure – Municipalities, Consulting Engineers, Pipeline Professionals, Pipe Rehabilitation, Plumbers, Tender Specifiers, Training Providers, Sewer Cleaning Professionals, etc. Internationally course deliverables are compulsory for all CCTV pipeline condition assessment. The WRc deliverables are specified in many tenders throughout South Africa, making this course invaluable to the trainee.   Training TheRead More →

COMPLETE FLEET & INSPECTION SOLUTION Manage your entire fleet of inspection systems from one laptop. Ensure consistent, accurate & professional reporting. Once-Off, Transferable, Lifetime Subscription. See all Inspection Systems below Click Here See more about Wincan Click Here See more about our Cam-Pro Inclinometer Reporting Tool Click Here OFFERED FREE WITH ALL INSPECTION SYSTEMS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Handover Training provided. Full Day Training Offered at R5500.00 ex VAT Terms & Conditions ApplyRead More →

Used for quick detection and diagnosis of the internal conditions (functional or structural defects) of a industrial container or pipeline. This new technology solved the puzzle in sewer industry, such as wireless deep well transmission antenna interference with a detection depth of 30 meters the collection of high definition data is smooth. See MoreRead More →

Smoke Testing For Leak Detection Where there is a defect, plumes of smoke will emerge PROVEN RELIABILITY – COST EFFECTIVE, SFAE, EFFICIENT. SAFE EFFICIENT Plumbing smoke tests have been used to detect gas and water leak repair issues for well over a century. Even with a number of technological advances spurring the development of alternative leak detection methods, smoke testing is still widely considered to be the most reliable method of testing for plumbing leaks. CONTACT US Smoke testing pipelinesLocating a leak in a pipeSmoke testing in progressTesting new mains to locate infiltration issues – manholes were not properly sealedSmoke testing in progressSmoke coming fromRead More →

The Ferret Pipe Leak Detection System Find leaks faster and with greater accuracy Ferret’s unique leak detecting features will enable you to find and fix water leaks more efficiently, saving you time, reducing your costs and making you more competitive, with happier customers too! The Ferret leak detection system is the ultimate tool for commercial plumbers and leakage specialists, as well as water companies and trace and access insurance providers. Ferret Leak Detector By delivering accurate leak locations – even in plastic pipes – the number and size of excavations required to repair a leak are significantly reduced, resulting in far fewer resources being used.Read More →