Leak Detection & Utility Location Training


Theory & Practical Based

Join SA Leak Detection Distributors for an in-depth and highly informative training seminar on Leak detection and Utility location using German-engineered, state of the art technology.

Learn about latest techniques, current non-destructive equipment and stand out above your competitors and guarantee pinpoint accuracy.

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1 Day Leak Detection Course

  • The latest in tracer gas techniques.
  • Acoustic combined with tracer gas detection.
  • Pre-detection water audit
  • The water meter
  • Zoning a water network
  • Moisture detectors
  • Acoustic detection tools
  • Flow/pressure logging
  • Correlation
  • Reporting

1 Day Utility Location Course

  • Ground penetrating radar survey
  • Electromagnetic survey
  • Terminology
  • Alternative location techniques
  • Energising a target line
  • Receiver modes
  • Electromagnetic field shape
  • Earthing
  • Frequency
  • Interference
  • Troubleshooting
  • Verification 


“Very well explained.”

P Peters – Red Rhino Projects


“I am happy to have done this course”

P Marumo – Procon SA


“A very informative and productive training session.”

M Naidoo – Capital City Housing


“Productive Training”

N Ngwabo – Capital City Housing


“Learning Experience was Amazing”

J Sithoo – Capital City Housing


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