MSCC5 Sewer Condition Classification Course

We will be conducting the WRc Sewer Condition Classification Training Course in Johannesburg March 28th – 30th, 2023. We will deliver the sewer condition training in accordance with the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5 Edition (MSSC5).

Who Should Attend

Anyone that is involved in Pipeline infrastructure – Municipalities, Consulting Engineers, Pipeline Professionals, Pipe Rehabilitation, Plumbers, Tender Specifiers, Training Providers, Sewer Cleaning Professionals, etc.
Internationally course deliverables are compulsory for all CCTV pipeline condition assessment.

The WRc deliverables are specified in many tenders throughout South Africa, making this course invaluable to the trainee.



The training course includes the following training modules listing for the ‘WRc Sewer Pipeline Assessment and Certification Course’.

Module 1 – Introduction to CCTV inspection
Module 2 – Background to technical issues in sewers
Module 3 – Overview of condition categorisation
Module 4 – Coding forms – Header Sheet
Module 5 – Main coding form – reporting requirements principles
Module 6 – Sewer condition classification codes
Module 6A – Structural Defects
Module 6B – Service Defects
Module 6C – Construction Features
Module 6D – Miscellaneous Features
Module 7 – Manhole codes

Course Assessment – Defect Recognition and Identification