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Find plumbing leaks quickly and economically with our Power Smoker. LiquiSmoke immediately fills the lines and is forced out through leaks to provide you fast results. Our LiquiSmoke is the only laboratory tested safe smoke available, so there is no concern over smoke escaping into someone’s home. The LiquiSmoke is also tested clean, so there is no residue to clean up or concern of damaging property. Show your customer immediate results without the risk of unnecessary property damage with the most cost effective method available.

Smoke Generator Features 

  • Uses our laboratory tested safe LiquiSmoke – the only tested safe smoke option available.
  • Patented SuperJet muffler heats the smoke to over 950 degrees, resulting in virtually a 100% burn of the LiquiSmoke.
  • LiquiSmoke has an indefinite shelf life, and does not require hazardous shipping labels.
  • Durable and dependable engine.
  • Precision balanced cast aluminum impeller that will stand up to years of hard use.
  • Rubber feet reduces vibration caused by the engine, helping reduce noise and wear on the machine.
  • • Single person testing operation – The machine does not
  • Optional Equipment
  • Extended hose sections for difficult to reach areas
  • Flange for sewer line testing. NOTE: This is not the ideal system for sewer lines. If you have an occasional job, it will work, but will take far longer than our Power Smoker (PS2 moves 700 CFM, compared to 4130 CFM or greater with the Power Smoker).
  • Required Equipment for Testing
  • LiquiSmoke
  • Gas and Oil
  • Laser pointer to help identify small leaks (optional)
  • Pen and paper or computer to document leaks
  • Require continual monitoring during the test.
  • Laboratory grade valve ensures years of quality use.
  • LiquiSmoke does not contain toxic compounds like Zinc Chloride, which is found in all smoke bombs or candles.
  • The most cost effective method of smoke testing available, costing cents per minute to run.
  • Use as much or little LiquiSmoke as you need. If you discover you’re not prepared for the test when you turn on the machine, simply close the valve.
  • Free PSA templates ready for customization to notify tenants on how the test is performed.


Our smoke generator produces great quantities of smoke very quickly and is ideal for finding leaks in sewers and drains, among other applications.

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