Cam Cam dual trolley system


40 Meter Blue / Red Combo with 10" Screens System

Compact pipe inspection system with dual camera heads and cables:

1. 23mm, self leveling camera head with guide 8-901 and 8-923.933 for 14mm head
2. 40m blue colour rod cable, dia. 5.2m
3. Pipeline Diameters - 75mm to 200mm
4. 40m red colour rod cable, dia. 4.8mm
5. Pipeline Diameters - 32mm to 90mm
6. With on-screen distance counter with keyboard or text input
7. With car charger and power adapter
8. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours
9. On-Screen date and time
10. With smart braking system
11. Support SD card slot to store still pictures or videos (SD card is not included)

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