Bulk trunk-line inspection cameras
These multifunctional devices include a camera along with acoustic leak detection capability and other functions. Either free swimming or tethered these are the preferred equipment for inspecting pipelines under pressure and over greater distances.

JD7 Investigator smal

JD7 Investigator

The Investigator is a pressurised pipe inspection and leak detection system for 100m investigations within distribution water mains.
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JD7 LDS1000™

The LDS1000™ is designed for internal long distance bulk trunk-mains inspection and leak detection in live pipelines.
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JD7 Bullet™

The JD7 Bullet™ is a pressurised pipework leak detection system, with hydrophone and CCTV capability, for 100mm diameter pipework and above.
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JD7 Pipescan+™

The JD7 Pipescan+ is an internal ultrasonic manipulator combining focused ultrasonic probing functions with a high resolution camera and a 512Hz sonde for tracking.
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