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The SALD Tracer Reel Pro is a maxi traceable rodder for tracing route of buried/underground non metallic telecom HDPE ducts or plastic pipes of 36 mm dia or higher. Ideal for maintenance of outside plant buried telecom optical fiber duct networks.

Tracer Reel Pro is based on a sturdy composite rod of 9mm dia with a built in 1mm copper wire that is rigid yet flexible enough to guide into non metallic HDPE ducts/plastic pipes and metal pipes up to lengths of 300 meters.

The base of the frame contains a terminal box that provides a connection to the inbuilt copper tracer wire of the duct rod. After inserting the traceable rod into the duct which is to be route traced, apply signal from the direct connection lead of a transmitter to the terminal and connect the other lead of the transmitter to an earth stake, which then excites the full length of the rodder to enable trace the buried pipe. Use any Digital Pipe & cable locating receiver to trace the route of the buried pipe.


  • Compact & easy to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport vehicles.
  • Enables very rapid route tracing of buried pipes.
  • Provided with an M12 male threaded rod end on the front tip to allow a sonde to be at tached for locating blockages in buried pipe.


Length Options: 150m, 200m, 300m
Dimension: 33”x20”x37” Maxi Frame “B” Type for 120~200m / 43”x20”x44” Super Maxi Frame “A” Type for 300m
Rod Diameter: 9.0mm (normal)

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