The adjustable skid expands and contracts according to the diameter of the pipe ensuring that the camera head remains in the centre of the pipe and above the water level.

The adjustable skid is designed to work in 150mm to 300mm pipes. Optional auxiliary flashlights can be clipped onto the adjustable skid to provide extra lighting. This innovative video inspection system accessory will allow you to use your portable video inspection system in applications that previously required expensive tractor systems.

The Gully Master
Consists of 2 guides - one which is connected to the cameras head and the other connected to the camera cable. The guides are designed to assist the camera head to navigate around 90 degree bends and P-traps on 100mm to 150 mm pipes

The Small Roller Skid
The skid protects and increases the life span of all camera heads. The Small Roller Skid easily negotiates 100mm to 150mm and 90 degree bends.

The Pole Snake
Allows the user to turn their CCTV pipe inspection camera into a Pole Snake for inspection man holes, septic tanks and catch basins.

Centering Guides
Keeps the camera head off the floor of the pipe (in the middle) above any water and debris giving the user a clearer view.

Adjustable Skid Light Kit
Add extra light when entering larger diameter pipes. These Unbelievably bright LED lights are safe to use in electrical environments.

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