Threaded Chain Knockers

Collection includes threaded chain knocker tool, which has a UNC ½ thread. There are regular and cyclone models available. This tool is suitable for rotating machines and cables, which have a ½ UNC female end. Do you have a cleaning unit where’s ½ UNC female end? This tool is designed just for your gear.

Pipe diameter Ø - 100
Chain thickness - 4mm

Sleeve Chain Knockers

Collection includes a wide range of sleeve chain knockers. Tool sizes start from 30mm and ends up to 200mm. In addition to regular sleeve chain knockers, Renssi offers also tools with drill head feature and tools without carbide. What makes the sleeve chain knocker to a great cleaning tool? It’s very easy to attach to the cable because of the little screws in the tool and you can adjust the diameter of tool as well.

Cable size Ø - 8mm
Pipe diameter Ø - 050
Feature of chain - /2
Chain thickness - 4mm
Drill head feature

Quick Lock Chain Knockers

T-slide chain knockers are used internationally. Why to choose a Quick Lock chain knocker? It’s very easy to attach to a t-slide on the ready-to-use cable. Just click, and the tool is ready for action. You can also have the drill head feature in these chain knocker models.

Connector size Ø - 16
Pipe diameter Ø - 50
Chain thickness - 4mm
Tool is equipped with drill or crush head.

Cyclone Chain Knockers

These tools have a wide size range and their cleaning power is suitable for even larger pipes. Cyclone chain tools are available with sleeve and t-slide connectors and with no carbide bits feature. Without carbide bits, the cleaning power comes from carbide coating. Sleeve cyclone chain tools come with a SR securing ring, which ensures tool’s tight hold on the cable. What is the difference with cyclone chain tools from other chain knockers? It’s effective and there’s no place for errors in adjustments. Using cyclone chain tools is also a matter of taste - some of our customers prefer cyclone chain tools’ efficiency and ease of use.

Cable size Ø - 8mm Pipe diameter Ø - 050
Chain thickness - 4mm

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