• Pipe and boiler tube cleaning

    All the tools and supplies you need to clean pipes and  industrial boiler tubes.

    Pipe cleaning machine


    We sell several pipe cleaning machines. The TCM 3000, is a light weight yet heavy duty system.


    • high-torque electric motor that spins the brush at various speeds from 0–1750 rpm while maintaining constant torque.
    • Soft-start circuit that reduces operator fatigue and machine wear, giving you more control cleaning out pipes.
    • Removing deposits is easy with our unique air/water flushing at the drill/brush head. As the brush spins, compressed air/water is sprayed out of the brush-head to remove debris fast.
    • Special control switch which will allow the operator to choose forward rotation, reverse rotation, or neutral for just flushing with compressed air or water.


    • Motor: ¾ HP, forward/reversible
    • Power: 220V 60/50hz ,5 amps
    • Service Factor: 1,15
    • Flexible Shaft Speed: 0 -1750 rpm (High Speed) Direct-drive system
    • Control Footswitch:
    • Pneumatic 6m long
    • activates shaft rotation and Air/Water flow
    • forward/neutral/reverse rotation by hand switch
    • 7,3m GFI Cord: shock protection (Ground Fault Circuit)
    • Weight (dry): 20,4kg cabinet/drive unit
    • Dimensions: 483mm × 280mm × 229mm cabinet


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