The model you require is determined by the size of pipes you work in and the work that you need to complete.

Picote high-speed Millers are powerful, multi-use machines.

The Super Midi fits neatly between the Midi Cleaner and Maxi Miller capabilities, with the strength of 12mm /½" shaft but with thinner outer casing providing greater flexibility around bends. Fed by a standard wall outlet (in most cases), and weighing in at 69kg /152 lbs this is a great option for high speed cleaning of DN70-150 / 3" to 6" pipes.

- Reach 20m / 65ft + 10m /32ft extension available
- High speed drain cleaning DN70 to DN150 / 3" to 6"
- Blockage removal
- Fast reinstatements DN70 to DN150 /3” to 6"
- Add Maxi Pump for Brush Coating DN70-200 / 3" to 8" pipes.


The Super Midi is designed for high-speed cleaning with a range of specialized Cleaning Chains. Excellent for unblocking and removing roots, as well as reinstating CIPP connections. Add the Maxi Coating Pump to offer the Picote Brush Coating™ System. Weighs 69kg /152 lbs, 500 to 1500 rpm, 1.5kW output. Lightweight aluminum frame. 

Standard safety features include: protective outer shaft casing making the cable safe to hold, shielded operator presence foot control, safety clutch, emergency stop switch.


Cleaning / DescalingDN70-150 (3-6″)
Cutting / ReinstatementDN70-150 (3-6″)
Picote Brush CoatingTM

DN70-200 (3-8″)


20m / 65ft + 10m /32ft extension

Additional Models

Super Midi with 10mm / ⅜” shaft (Midi Cleaner), please see Midi Cleaner page for specs of this model

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