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The SALD Tracer Reel is a midi traceable rodder for tracing the route of buried/underground smaller dia non metallic pipes (eg.- 25mm dia pipes or higher.)

The SALD Tracer Reel is based on a 5.5mm composite fiberglass rod with 2x0.5mm tracer copper wires. The midi traceable duct rodder contain slip rings and spring loaded carbon brushes provided in a galvanized metal tube frame to enable usage of either of the copper tracer wires on an independent basis with the option to use both wires simultaneously.

The base of the traceable rodder contains a terminal box that provides 2 individual terminal connections to the 2 inbuilt copper tracer wires of the traceable duct rodder.

After inserting the traceable rod into the pipe which is to be route traced, apply signal from the direct connection lead of a transmitter to a single terminal and connect the other lead of the transmitter to an earth stake which then excites the full length of the rodder to enable trace the buried pipe. If the output from the transmitter is applied to both terminals (direct connection lead attached to one terminal & earth lead to the other terminal,) the front leading tip of the rodder will be energized & will act very much like a sonde allowing the operator to localize the tip of the rodder & in turn any blockage points in the pipe. Use any Digital Pipe & cable locating receiver from above ground to trace the route of the Pipe.



Length Options: 50m(165’), 80m(262’), 120m(393’)

Dimension: 24”x8”x29” Midi Frame “C” Type

Rod Diameter: 5.5mm(normal)​

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