Locating manhole covers and valve boxes that might have been covered over during roadworks or construction projects is easy if you have the right equipment. Our advanced metal detectors and magnetometers have been optimised for locating lost cast iron manhole covers and valve boxes.


FerroTec FT 10 s

Ferrotec FT10

The FerroTec FT10 is Sewerin’s newest magnetometer based instrument for locating lost manhole covers and valves. It uses changes in the earth’s magnetic field to detect large ferrous metal objects even when buried several meters underground.

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M130 s

M130 valve box locator

The M130 valve box locator detects at depth and is not sensitive to surface metals, moisture or fluctuations in temperature. One button operation makes it easier to use the device; continuous readjustment is not necessary. Specific electronics reduce faulty readings due to crown caps, beverage cans or other small metal components.
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