Cover Locator M 130


Locating concealed objects in the supply network

The M 130 valve box locator detects at depth and is not sensitive to surface metals, moisture or fluctuations in temperature. One button operation makes it easier to use the device; continuous readjustment is not necessary. Specific electronics reduce faulty readings due to crown caps, beverage cans or other small metal components.

Easy to use
Aligned field
Deep location depth
Quick reaction rate
Compensation for interfering signals
Optimum ergonomics
Robust plastic housing made of impact resistant, injection moulded ABS

As a result of the downward-directed search field, the detector can be used in immediate proximity to metal fences or parked cars. The one hand held unit is designed for use by one hand only and offers optimal ergonomics for fatigue-free working. The strength of the signal allows reliable detection of the objects sought; even when the instrument is quite rapidly moved.


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