1000m HD Inspection Crawler

Move with the times and going the distance

Resolution is the most important thing about your system.

SA Leak Detection Distributors are proud to showcase another marval in Pipeline Diagnostics equipment which we have added to our arsomal of Pipeline Inspection Cameras and Crawlers, the 1000m HD Pipeline Inspection Crawler.

You wouldn’t go to a back ally doctor for specialisted medical treatment, so why not treat your pipelines with the same respect. Upgrade your inspections be using HD technology and inspection 1000meters up to 2050meters at a time.


  • Microsoft Surface Tablet Control incl. Software.
  • Joystick,
  • Pan & Tilt, HD and Zoom Camera.
  • 1000m Motorised Cable Reel
  • Non-removable Elevator Kit
  • Auxiliary LED Lights
  • Laser Profiling


The bottom line is that if you are looking at inspection cameras that are still measured in TV Lines, you are looking at equipment of yesteryear.

Today people choose to go with HD products (which are measured in megapixels) rather than analog standard definition cameras (measured in TV Lines). 700 TVL cameras paired with a 960H DVR will allow you to identify an obstruction up to 3 meters from the camera. HD cameras will allow you to identify an obstruction at 15 meters or further (depending on the model).

No matter how many TV lines your camera has, you will always get blurry, ugly video.

The quality of HD is now much more affordable and it makes little sense to consider analog cameras for new inspections.

Another factor to consider is Efficiency. Since analog has a slower shutter speed, one can only conduct their inspection at a predetermined speed, so as not to affect the picture quality even further. HD’s shutter speed is far greater and therefore allows for the inspection to be conducted at a concise faster pace allowing for quicker inspections and time saving.

Disregard TV Lines, Acquire HD

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