Locate & Mark

The LMX100™ system provides an excellent example of a GPR system optimized for utility locating. The collapsible cart is constructed of tough non-metallic fiberglass components and features large diameter wheels and a highly-visible data display. The system is designed for easy shipping and storage. Set-up time from arrival on site to the start of data collection takes less than two minutes

The high-resolution Display Unit is a rugged, weatherproof field computer used for recording and displaying data. Visible in all lighting conditions – including bright sunlight – the Display Unit is designed for rough field conditions and works over a wide temperature range. The resistive touchscreen allows for quick operation, even if the input is conducted while wearing gloves. The Display Unit’s intelligent, user-friendly firmware makes data collection simple and straightforward, while the back-up arrow provides pinpoint accuracy of the exact location of a target.

The integrated Display Unit, battery and wheel odometer makes it easy to do controlled surveys, offering greater efficiencies. A full day of surveying requires just one rechargeable gel cell battery. GPS positioning is designed into the LMX100 system. Save time and enhance productivity by emailing a mini-report straight from the field using the built-in WiFi capability.

LMX has the advantage of detecting:

  • metallic and non-metallic utilities
  • utilities with broken tracer wires
  • undocumented utilities
  • Disturbed soil often associated with utility burial
  • Unexpected obstacles/buried structures such as old foundations that can cause problems for excavations or construction

LMX100 offers the perfect balance of depth penetration and resolution for accurate locating. Data is collected in Locate & Mark mode; this provides a real-time image in the field to identify utilities and mark their locations.

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