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Leak Detection & Hydrological Tracing

FluoTechnik offers a wide range of fluorescent dyes and pigment agents commonly used by professionals for leak detection. Simply add a small amount of FluoTechnik powder or concentrated liquid to the leaking system and watch water glow!
Thanks to their fluorescent properties (under UV Light), their great solubility and dispersion and their very vivid colours, FluoTechnik dyes allow for simple, reliable and swift leak detection allowing you to spot the leaks and test waterproofness of the following:
- Water tanks
- Dam walls
- Domestic pipes and water systems
- Shower bases
- Swimming pools
- Hydraulic circuit
- Air-conditioning refrigerant circuits
- Filtration systems (e.g. filter bags…)
- Air and gas circuits
- Petrochemical and chemical processes
- Roofs and terraces
- Tracing origins of water

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