Leak noise Correlation

Correlators use the distinctive noise pattern to estimate leak position. By comparing the noise transmitted from microphones at different positions on a pipe, and providing the correct parameters have been set, the correlator software can make a remarkably accurate estimate of the leak location.

SeCorrPhon AC 200

The New SecorrPhon AC 200 Correlator is a multi-functional leak detector offering three functions in one: Pipe location, pinpointing leaks using acoustics and correlation

The clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of the ambient conditions. With just a few finger strokes, you can quickly and easily switch between the various applications.

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SeCorr 300 small

SeCorr 300

The SeCorr® 300 is Sewerin’s new fully digital water leak correlator offering unprecedented performance in finding water leaks even on plastic pipes and trunk mains.

The fully digital signal processing combined with the advanced microphones largely eliminate the limitations experienced with conventional analogue correlators.
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SeCorrPhon AC 06 small

SeCorrPhon AC 06

The two EM30 microphones are attached by magnet, or valve adaptors, to hydrants, valves, the pipe walls or even directly into the water column using hydrophone sensors. As long as the leak noise can be “heard” by both microphones the SeCorrPhon AC 06 can process and analyse the resulting information.
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