Improve your Cam Cam with these new accessories!

New 12mm & 23mm Flexible Spring Camera Heads
New 12mm and 23mm camera heads come with a flexible spring joint between the camera head and cable allowing the camera to navigate around bends easier.


8mm USB Camera
USB cameras plug straight into a laptop from which a camera inspection can be preformed. The tiny 8mm head is useful for inspecting small diameter pipes where other cameras can not be used. The USB camera has 4 led lights with adjustable brightness.

accessories 4

Video Text Overlay Unit
Video text overlay unit uses signal overlay technology which allows the user to type text overlay on cam-cam video footage.

accessories 1

How it works
The inspection camera and a keyboard are plugged into the video text overlay unit.
– The video text over lay unit is plugged into the inspection camera box.
– This unit can input the numbers from 0-9, 26 letters and 14 different punctuation marks.
– The unit supports 3 lines, 26 row characters display.
– The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to position the cursor on the screen where the text will be typed.
– Text can be wrapped around the top & bottom or either side of the screen.