Air Spade


Safe Excavation

We offer a range of Air-Spade pneumatic excavation equipment with full backup support.

The Air-Spade is the perfect tool for digging where there is potential for damage to buried pipes or cables using conventional excavation techniques. With Air-Spade extremely precise excavation is possible at an unprecedented speed.

When used in conjunction with an Air-Vac it is even more efficient. The Air-Spade displaces soil using compressed air at supersonic speed and Air-Vac’s venturi system sucks the debris up into a holding drum or tank.

Air-Spade 2 UTILITY AIR-SPADE sets a new standard for air-excavation tools. Designed with safety in mind, the UTILITY AIR-SPADE features Air-Spade’s patented supersonic nozzle for rapid digging in the toughest of soils. With a high-voltage insulated barrel, and non-sparking nozzle, the UTILITY AIR-SPADE provides the highest degree of protection when working around underground electric and gas lines. Heavy-duty, thermally insulated handle is engineered to accommodate linesmen’s gloves. Multiple length extensions and accessories allow easy customization of the tool at the job site. Operates off a standard 185 cfm tow-behind compressor.

  • Ergonomic, aluminum handle with retractable stabilizer bar and integral air-pressure gauge
  • Insulated, 4 foot fiberglass barrel rated up to 300kV
  • Adjustable, rubber spray shield
  • Non-sparking brass, supersonic nozzle; 105 and 150 cfm sizes available
  • Accessories feature heavy-duty, non-sparking brass, threaded connections


Sensitive underground cables and pipes can often be punctured by traditional digging methods. UTILITY AIR-SPADE offers an alternative, safe, non-damaging method of soil-excavation. Air-Spade’s patented, supersonic nozzle turns compressed air into a high-speed, laser-like jet moving at twice the speed of sound, Mach 2. All of the energy and momentum of air moving at approximately 1,200 mph is focused onto the soil, dislodging it in a fraction of a second. Stronger, non-porous materials such as metal or plastic pipes, cables, or even tree roots are unaffected. The result is faster, safer, more effective digging.

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