Acoustic leak noise detection

Water leaks make noise. Leak noise has a distinctive acoustic signature depending on pipe material, pipe diameter, and water pressure. Our electronic listening sticks can filter unwanted noise and help you pinpoint the leak location.

Stethopon 4 small

Stethophon 04

The Stethophon 04 is a sound detector for recording and amplifying structure-borne oscillations of all kinds. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible.
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Aquatest T10 small

Aquatest T10

The AquaTest T10 is a test rod with innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strength lies in the prelocation of leaks in water pipe networks. The AquaTest T10 is the first test rod made by SEWERIN for which no additional receiver is required.
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Aquaphon A50

Combined with various piezo-electric microphones, the AQUAPON® A 50 receiver pre-locates and pinpoints leaks accurately. The display visualising the noises for reliable evaluations.
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Aquaphon A200 small

Aquaphon A200

When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount.
The AQUAPHON® system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding quality of its microphone and
measuring technology, intelligent analysis functions and the practical, visual representation of results on the display.
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