Robust test rod for electro-acoustic water leak detection outdoors

The AquaTest T10 is an electroacoustic Listening Stick (Test Rod) and ground microphone combined designed to find and locate water leaks in water distribution networks.

The AquaTest T10 is used single handed with the receiver and microphone combined in one unit. The wireless headphones are activated not by the usual push button but by a touch free sensor, simply place your finger in the activation area and the T10's headphones are activated, take your finger away they are deactivated. The water leak noise level (volume) that you are hearing are shown on an LC display.

The incorporated  Sewerin Digital Radio radio  allows sound to be transmitted, with no interference or loss, from the T10 to the SDR headphones with the result that there are no cables to the headphones to restrict your movements and  get in your way.

The inbuilt frequency filters to allow the user to filter out unwanted frequencies and to concentrate on the water leak noise.

Aquatest T10 1    Aquatest T10 2


  • Innovative combination of electro acoustic ground mic and Listening Stick/ Test Rod with Sewerin Digital Wire free headphones
  • Ergonomic design ensures easy non-tiring operation when finding water leaks in distribution networks-  all day
  • Robust construction for intensive outdoor use
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Outstanding water leak noise amplification with high fidelity headphones
  • Displays the water leak noise, including previous Minimum Noise Level, to reinforce what the user hears
  • No irritating interference noises in the headphones, thanks to the new type of touch free  activation sensor
  • Range of  noise frequency filter bands and DHP (Digital Hearing Protection) for optimum leak noise recognition and operator safety
  • Tripod adaptor and new wind insulated base making  the T10 a cost effective ground microphone to locate water leaks

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